TripAdvisor Supposedly Deletes Accounts of Rape and Assault

The popular review and travel booking website TripAdvisor has recently received some complaints from its users. They claim that the website it’s deleting the accounts of rape and sexual assault from the review sections. According to reports, numerous people have made public their testimonies after visiting certain hotels and resorts recommended by TripAdvisor. Unfortunately, it seems like the website chose to delete them all and provided some reasons for this action.

TripAdvisor said that those stories violated the website’s family-friendly policy and encouraged rumors. One of the most disturbing examples came from three different users. They claimed that they were raped or assaulted at the same resort in Mexico. Because the website has deleted these claims, more travelers may have been put in danger.

Stories of rape and assault deleted from TripAdvisor

One of the victims, a mother of six children, explained that she wouldn’t have traveled to that resort had she read a previous abuse story from another user. The fact that the website is deleting those testimonies only increases the chances of more such assaults.

It’s important to acknowledge the fact that TripAdvisor needs to keep a balance between allowing free speech from its users and protecting the website from false accusations. However, it’s also worth noting that the website receives commissions. It also receives revenue from certain hotels and resorts. This might be one of the reasons why it chose to delete certain comments.

According to a spokesperson, it seems like there is no connection between the financial benefits the website receives and the handling of certain comments and reviews. The spokesperson also apologized to the sexual assault victim that had her post removed seven years ago. However, they specified that the policies of the website have evolved since then. Also, the staff reportedly republished her post. The person also promised that the website would keep improving its publishing guidelines.

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