Trump Reveals Apple Will Build Three Plants in the U.S.

According to an interview from July 25, United States president Donald Trump has finally come to an agreement with tech giant Apple. After entire years of talks and deals that didn’t seem to have a final result, the president has finally managed to convince the company to build more plants on the country’s territory. During the interview, Trump revealed that Apple CEO Tim Cook recently called him and promised to build three new and beautiful plants in the United States. He didn’t offer any other details and the tech company didn’t comment on the situation.

Apple to build three new plants

If president Donald Trump has in deed spoken the truth about those new investments, it would mean a big step forward for both sides. Also, it would be a major change of direction for the tech giant who right now is only manufacturing Mac Book Pros in the United States. Moreover, the company never promised to continue that. It’s also common knowledge that the company usually prefers to collaborate with foreign suppliers. This way, it can obtain components from various companies without ever being at any risk. The recent situation regarding a company that was deemed worthless because of its poor and inefficient manufacturing methods has become famous.

However, this is where the problems might begin. President Trump might have even understood some things wrong. It’s very possible that Tim Cook actually told him that the company’s suppliers will be building some new plants in the United States, not Apple itself. The tech giant has actually made some big investments in its suppliers recently. For example, it has invested $200 million in the supplier called Corning. It provides the glass that covers the iPhone devices. This is a very real proof that the company wants to continue working with outside suppliers.

Trump’s efforts are not aimless

Recently, another Apple supplier announced the building of a new plant in the country. So, it’s highly possible that president Trump didn’t make a very important distinction. However, he may very well know about it, but decided to ignore this difference. Therefore, he announced the new plants as some sort of personal victory. It doesn’t even matter that they are not Apple’s, but belong to the suppliers. Something new will be built on the United States territory. And Trump thinks it’s thanks to him.

Image source: wikimedia

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