Three Trump-Branded Buildings Will be Renamed Soon

Picture of a Trump-branded building.
Many residents signed a petition to rename three Trump-branded buildings.

Residents living in three Trump-branded buildings will have the name of the properties erased after one of the most hostile election campaigns in the country’s history.

The buildings, which are included in the Trump Place complex, will be renamed thanks to the fact that roughly 600 residents signed a petition, especially because they were very much offended by Trump’s campaign.

With this petition, the residents hope that the buildings will have a different name that will provide them with a neutral identity, which they believe it will fit future residents as well. The Trumps-branded buildings include 1,325 units, which from now on will have a shorter address: 140, 160, and 180 Riverside Boulevard.

Many residents confessed that they were labeled as Trump voters during the election campaign just because Trump’s name was on the three buildings. They said that they were embarrassed as, during the summer months, people threw eggs and plastic bottles at the entrance of the Trump Place.

Other residents underline that New York is a multicultural environment, so it is home to a significant immigrant population, and we all know what the new President of the United States promised.

During his polarizing campaign, Trump said that he would build a massive wall between the United States and Mexico. Also, around 11 million immigrants risk being deported. According to resident Andy Doherty, most was shocked and annoyed by Trump’s rhetoric.

He said that a taxi driver even cursed him when he realized that he dropped Doherty in front of the Trump Place. Doherty added that Trump’s name on the buildings causes a huge misunderstanding because the staff is so great.

Also, they had to endure threatening phone calls although they didn’t deserve to be treated that way. It is true that the new President of the U.S. invested in the three buildings, but that was a long time ago.

More precisely, he doesn’t own the complex, so residents believe that his name must be erased to avoid confusion. According to Marty McKenna, spokesperson for Chicago-based Equity Residential, the discussions began immediately after Trump had been elected as the next President.

However, even if Trump’s name will be erased from the three buildings, the petition does not include other Trump Place structures.

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