Trump Supporters Want His Name On Starbucks Cups

Starbucks cup with Trump's name on it
Trump supporters take advantage of Starbucks tradition and request Trump’s name to be written on their cups.

Starbucks servers have a hard time nowadays because Trump supporters request them to announce the President’s name by ordering tea or coffee under Donald Trump’s name.

The ‘name’ method was introduced many years ago, and it became a tradition as many customers enjoyed to see their names written on their Starbucks cups. Trump supporters decided to take advantage of this tradition by telling Starbucks servers that they want the President’s name on their drink and food.

Therefore, Starbucks employees have to shout his name whenever a Trump supporter’s order is on the counter. This campaign is called #TrumpCup, and it is already widely spread on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Some say that although Trump’s hostile election strategy has ended, his supporters seem to carry on his work in his place. Rumor has it that the #TrumpCup campaign started because Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO, was a Hillary Clinton supporter.

However, creator Timothy Treadstone says that this campaign is just a legal social experiment. The 29-year-old social media strategist and political consultant underlined that his campaign was motivated by the fact that a Starbucks employee decided to call the police after a Trump supporter had requested the President’s name to be written on his cup.

Therefore, Treadstone asked many Trump supporters on Twitter to go to Starbucks and tell employees that their name was Trump. In case any server refused, a video would be posted and shared to spread the word.

Treadstone further adds that was he’s doing is just a social experiment, not a boycott or a protest, but even so, it looks like a protest to many people, especially to Starbucks employees. The creator says that his campaign doesn’t aim to blame Starbucks for anything. Instead, he and other Trump supporters are doing this for fun.

He believes that #TrumpCup will bring more benefit to Starbucks during the next few weeks. Another similar event occurred a few days ago after a fake story on Facebook claimed that Trump was offended by the Pepsi CEO. The fake post asked Trump supporters to stop buying Pepsi.

Fortunately, they didn’t have time to boycott the company because it was revealed that the Pepsi CEO said nothing about Trump. Nevertheless, Pepsi is the number two most popular soft drink in the United States, so the efforts of Trump supporters would have probably been useless.

Image Source: Pixel

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