Twitter Plans a Better Control Over Ads through the Ads Transparency Center

Last year in October, Twitter announced it would release a new feature that will show you all ads displayed by a page, as well as additional information on them. This feature, called the Ads Transparency Center, will soon become available on the app, marking a new step against fake news.

The Ads Transparency Center offers you multiple information on ads

Social media played a huge role in the 2016 presidential election, as this was the ideal environment for the campaigns. However, many people blamed for their involvement in these campaigns. Through the ads these platforms promoted, they spread a lot of fake news and misinformation.

The scandal became even more intense lately, when House Democrats made public a list of ads distributed by the Russian government. This is another proof that the country has got involved in the US elections. Now, social media platforms decided to distance themselves from such activities and gave people the chance to check these ads.

Twitter wants a better control over political posts

Therefore, Twitter announced it would roll out the Ads Transparency Center and explained how it would work. With the feature, you can insert a certain Twitter page or handle in the query. Then, it will bring up all the ads it posted over the past seven days. This way, you’ll see if there’s a prevalence among them.

If you stumble upon political ads, you’ll get even more information about them. This includes demographic data on the targeting of the ad, the reactions the tweet received, or the billing associated with it. Also, there’s another great thing about the Ads Transparency Center. You don’t need a Twitter account to use it, as the feature doesn’t ask you to log in.

This is a clear attempt to a better control over political ads. Last month, Twitter released some guidelines for displaying political ads. Now, the platform is planning to target all content that might bring about sensitive issues.

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