Twitter Changes Design Again to Attract Newcomers

It seems like Twitter is once again making some design changes to its platform, in an effort to attract more users. The changes affected all the versions of the app on mobile, desktop and web. It’s worth noting that this time, the changes are not drastic, unlike that time when it introduced the stories-like feature called Moments. Also, this time, Twitter will not be reordering the tweets in your timeline, the way it did before. Now, the changes are minor and focused around the location of your settings, the typography or the shape of the icons.

Tweaks in design

It’s worth noting that iOS power users are going to have a bit of a struggle. It will resemble that time when Twitter relocated the Explore section where the Notifications tab previously were. On iOS, the same thing will happen with the Settings section. So, users should know that from now on they will find the Settings menu to the left of the screen, separately. They will no longer need to tap over the profile and then on the gear icon. Also, the profile button at the bottom of the app will no longer exist. According to the company, this will significantly reduce clutter.

Users need to swipe right from their home screen to access the new menu which will include the profile, additional accounts and the privacy settings. It’s important to remind that Android users have this update from last summer. Because of its popularity and positive responses, Twitter decided to add it to the iOS too. The company has made changes to some other parts of the app too. For once, the profile icons are now round, not square as they were before. Moreover, the typography is consistent and headlines more visible than before.

Only small changes

Twitter has also changed the Reply icon. Before, this icon displayed an arrow, a symbol very familiar to those who have used an e-mail account before. However, in order to appeal more to newbies, the company replaced it with a conversation bubble. Apart from this, the Retweet, Heart, DM, Home, Search, Notifications, and DB tab icons have received modifications. Maybe this is another strategy for Twitter to grow its user base even more. We will see if it will work.

Image source: pixabay

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