Twitter Employee Deactivates Donald Trump’s Account

Many people may have noticed something terribly strange on Thursday. United States President Donald Trump’s official Twitter account suddenly disappeared. Speculation followed regarding the fact that he might have finally been suspended after so many users complained about his posts. For two hours, the president’s favorite means of communication completely disappeared. Recently, Twitter announced that one of its employees did this during their final day at work.

It’s worth noting that Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account is separate from his POTUS account. The latter goes from president to president and this trick didn’t affect it. Moreover, the president’s personal account currently has 41.7 million followers. After the incident, the official Twitter Government account confirmed the deactivation. It said that it only lasted 11 minutes and has been restored after the human error that caused it was solved.

Donald Trump’s Twitter account disappeared

This same account continued by saying that an investigation has revealed that a former Twitter employee did it on their last day at the job. Also, that there will be a full internal review happening soon.

As expected, the employee’s protest against the president was cheered on by many Twitter users. A large number of messages praised their idea and said that they should receive a medal of honor. Also, many people sent GIFs showing people applauding, as a way of supporting the idea.

Many people have complained that president Trump is using his Twitter account in a way would get regular users banned. Some have accused him of promoting and inciting racism, sexism and even homophobia. Back in September, the company decided to respond to those complaints. However, it said that people should consider what the president is posting as news. At the same time, experts have said that Trump’s is far too valuable for Twitter to ban him. So, they prefer to close their eyes to his online misconduct.

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