Twitter Has Identified 201 Russian-linked Accounts

After Facebook has made similar disclosure, it seems it’s now Twitter’s turn to make some interesting reveals. According to the company, it has successfully identified over 200 accounts that have strong connections with Russia. Twitter has managed to do this by using the 450 accounts that Facebook has made public following its own discovery. The result were 201 accounts connected with Russia. The company also didn’t hide the fact that Russian publication Russia Today has bought a number of advertisements over the years.

Twitter doesn’t hide anything

It all began a few weeks ago when Facebook was the first social media platform to reveal that it had discovered lots of accounts with Russian connections. Those reportedly had bought many advertisements during the United States presidential election on the platform. Now, according to an official statement from Twitter, they too have managed to find 22 accounts in connection with the 450 that Facebook had identified. Out of those 22, some had already received suspensions for violating the rules. The remaining ones immediately received the same treatment. The other 179 accounts, which had links with those 22, also received evaluations. Following those, Twitter has also suspended them for violation of rules. However, it’s worth mentioning that none of them were serving advertisements on the platform.

Twitter also offered special attention to three different accounts which belonged to the publication Russia Today, or RT, as many call it. Everybody knows that it has strong ties with the Russian government. According to Twitter, those three accounts were guilty of buying advertisements. Those targeted the United States during last year’s presidential election. Twitter even knows how much those accounts have spent on the ads. It is revealing it all in its review.

Russian-linked accounts

According to the review that it made public, the publication RT spent about $274,100 on ads targeting the United States, back in 2016. The social platform even mentions those accounts by name. Moreover, it says that they all promoted about 1,823 different tweets that had a potential impact on the American market. The company also revealed that Russia, along with many former-Soviet states have been at the center of automated and spammy content. Thanks to a system, Twitter deletes about 3.2 million such accounts each week. All in all, is seems that Twitter doesn’t want to hide anything.

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