Two African-American Men Kicked Out of LA Fitness Gym After Being Accused of Not Paying

Three LA Fitness gym staff members were recently fired after two African-American men were wrongfully accused of not paying after working out. The incident escalated after the staff members called the authorities to escort the gentlemen off the premises.

LA Gym Extends Formal Apology for Incident

At the beginning of this week, a Fitness International spokesperson stepped forward to apologize for the seemingly racist incident that took placed on Saturday at the LA Fitness gym. More than that, the company’s representative declared that all staff member involved had their contracts terminated and that Fitness International will organize training sessions for all its employees.

Tshyrad Oates, one of the two African-American men involved in the Saturday incident, wrote a long Facebook post about the incident. According to Oates, on Saturday he went with one of his friends at the LA Fitness Gym.

Oates’ friend was already a gym member, but the man had to buy a guest pass for the day. After finishing their training session, the two men packed up their things and were just about to leave, when they were approached by a member of staff who accused them of not paying the session.

The man and his friend tried to explain to the staff member that his friend is a gym member and that he bought a guest pass from another employee when he entered the gym.

Several minutes later, the staff member dialed 911 and told the authorities that two customers wanted to leave without paying.

Fortunately, Oates and his friend managed to explain to the law enforcement agents that this was all a confusion.

The two left the gym on their own but not before belittling the establishment’s employees about their blatantly racist attitude.

A company representative would later declare that all staff members involved in the Saturday incident have been fired and that the company will start hosting training sessions.

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