Uber Acquires Bike-Sharing App Jump, Allowing People to Choose Bicycles over Cars

Uber is planning to expand its ride-sharing services to more diverse means of transportation. On Monday, the company announced it had purchased the bike-sharing service Jump. Soon enough, Uber will no longer offer people only cars to travel from one place to another. 



Jump Bikes Will Soon Be Available Through the Uber App 


Jump is well-known for its landmark bikes with red frames that are powered by batteries. The company has been around San Francisco since January when it launched 250 e-bikes that were available for rent. For only $2, you could ride such a bike for 30 minutes.  

Now, Uber revealed it had been discussing a collaboration with Jump for a few months now. This will help the ride-sharing company offer more options to its users whenever they need a means of transportation to easily get them from one location to another. 

At first, Jump admitted it was a bit reluctant about a collaboration with Uber. Ryan Rzepecki, the CEO, said they had expected quite an unpleasant atmosphere at the ride-sharing company’s headquarters. Also, they thought their view wasn’t compatible with Uber’s culture. However, they quickly realized they were wrong. 


The Two Companies Shared the Same View on Cars and Public Transport 


Uber now has a new CEO, namely Dara Khosrowshahi. This new leadership brought with it a fresh view on ride-sharing and on the overwhelming number of cars that populate the US streets.

Although it doesn’t sound like it, the company now has quite an eco perspective on public transportation. The Jump CEO also agreed to it and said the two platforms could reach a consensus. 


“We realized that we shared Uber’s vision of multi-modal mobility and had the same goal of decreasing car ownership.” 


However, none of the companies revealed any details on the purchase. Rumors suggest Uber might have paid about $100 million or even more on the Jump app. So far, people have downloaded it around 25,000 times, and approximately 6,000 users are active every day. From now on, they might have to start using Uber to be able to use the popular red bikes. 


Image Source: Wikimedia

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