Uber CEO Might Step Aside for Some Time

On Sunday, Uber’s service board started discussing about making some changes in the ride-hailing company’s leadership. This is happening as Uber is facing accusations that it ignored some sexual harassment claims. Also, other signs of misbehavior inside the company. Moreover, this week, the findings of an investigation into the matter are going to be made public. According to some informed sources, on Sunday, the Uber directors were trying to decide whether or not to send CEO Travis Kalanick into a three-month leave of absence. The CEO managed to bring a fairly unknown startup up to a value of about $70 billion.

Uber’s eternal problems

According to a representative for the company, the directors voted unanimously to adopt the recommendations of former attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr., which he made in a report. One of the most important recommendations was to start the procedures for the departure of Kalanick’s top lieutenant, Emil Michael. If this were to happen, Kalanick would lose a big chunk of his power and influence, apart from losing a very important ally. He has always been seen as an innovator and a role model, a reputation he slowly started ruining.

Another problem would be that this move might strongly destabilize Uber’s leadership. This is the worst time for such a thing to happen. This is mainly because the company’s rivals are trying to profit from its many problems. It’s interesting that Kalanick himself, 40, proposed this three-month leave. He took this decision after a boating incident last month which killed his mother and badly injured his father. So, the CEO told the people at the company that he might need a break to cope with his loss.

Kalanick’s wish to take a break

Any reduction of involvement at the company from Kalanick’s side would have a significant impact on the entire culture of Uber. This will happen because he is the one person who shaped the company after his own will and ideas. However, these past months have been horrible for him. He went through the struggle of overcoming lots of scandals. Many of them related to sexual harassment claims within the company. If he will indeed take a break, we will see how things will evolve at Uber. Especially because the ride-hailing giant hasn’t overcome all the problems yet. 

Image source: wikimedia

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