Uber To Develop Flying Cars with the Help of NASA

Because every depiction of the future has a reference to a flying vehicle, Uber has recently joined forces with NASA in an attempt to make flying cars a reality. Over the next couple of years, NASA will run simulations to determine how well a fleet of flying vehicles will fare inside and outside major cities.

Uber Saying Flying Car Fleet Will Be Operational by 2023

The California-based ride-sharing company has recently unveiled its plans to shape the future by introducing flying vehicles.

Despite the project sounding like something coming straight out of a science-fiction novel, an Uber spokesperson declared that in a matter of years, we could look forward to booking a ride on a flying vehicle instead of a regular automobile.

To show that it really means business, the company declared that it had joined forces with NASA. The space agency will help Uber come up with a fleet management strategy and of course with a suitable design for the flying vehicle.

At the moment, NASA is running computer simulations to determine how this next-generation of the vehicle will behave in various environments.

More specifically, Uber’s flying car will need to be field-tested extensively before the project receives the green light, as the vehicle will be required share the same aerial space with planes and drones.

Design-wise, Uber declared that the future flying vehicle would be similar to a helicopter but lighter and more versatile. In technical terms, Uber’s next-gen ride-sharing vehicle will be a VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing vehicle), featuring a helicopter-like blade on top and another one on the bottom.

Although booking a ride on such a vehicle much appear expensive, Uber declared that these rides will actually be cheaper, eco-friendly, and not to mention a great asset to a city up to its neck in traffic.

If all goes to plan, we should see an operational prototype by the beginning of 2023.

Image source: Flickr

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