Uber Fires 20 Employees Over Harassment Claims

On Tuesday, Uber made the official announcement that it dismissed 20 employees because of some harassment claims. On the same day, the company’s head of global diversity Bernard Coleman said at TC Sessions: Justice that this latest report was one of the first steps to improve Uber’s culture. He also said that he is very excited about making progress and that he wishes to make Uber a much better work environment. Coleman has not been at Uber for a long time. Actually, he joined the company in January, before former engineer Susan Fowler accused the ride hailing company of sexual harassment. She also accused them of human resources negligence. Her actions started a storm of problems for Uber and also prompted an investigation into the matter.

Making Uber a better place

Fowler’s accusations made Coleman feel bad and ashamed. At the time, he was new and still living with his family in Virginia. He had also sold the house and was ready to move on the other side of the country. He admitted to feeling helpless mainly because he was not in San Francisco when this scandal began. However, at Tuesday’s meeting, the company revealed the results of an investigation into 215 employees. They were all accused of harassment. So, as a result of this investigation, 20 of them lost their jobs and other 100 were cleared of accusations. Meanwhile, 57 are still under investigation, 31 are receiving counseling and 7 have been warned through a written letter.

However, another investigation is currently analyzing the workplace issues Fowler complained about. Board members are currently in possession of that review and its results are going to become public next Tuesday. Apart from these investigations, Uber also needs to deal with its damaged public image. Moreover, the company is currently working towards improving workforce diversity.

A tough battle

During the meeting, Coleman admitted that the company still has a lot of work to do, especially in what concerns diversity. Also, he said that taking diversity into account when you’re a big company becomes extremely important. However, this is a mistake any beginner company makes. They need to tackle this issue right from the get-go. Otherwise, things might become complicated along the way and they are also much difficult to fix afterwards.

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