Uber in Talks with Mayor of London to Renew License

According to Uber’s chief in the capital, the company is willing to make certain concessions just to make sure that it’s going to have its operating license renewed. Recently, Tom Elvidge talked with a newspaper and revealed that Uber is open to doing anything that is necessary. At the same time, the ride hailing company wants to talk with Transport for London too.

This entire problem about Uber losing its license began when Transport for London said that the company wasn’t fit to operate in the United Kingdom capital. At the same time, Greg Hands, the Minister for London, said that this criticism regarding the company was “astonishing”.

Uber is willing to negotiate

Meanwhile, Elvidge, the London general manager of the company, said that nobody asked them to change anything. However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot make some changes for the better and make everything right again. Unfortunately, according to him, Transport for London hasn’t allowed for any dialogue regarding this issue, and Uber now asking for a chance to talk. At the same time, a spokesman for Transport for London revealed that any further comment would be inappropriate.

It’s worth noting that the popular ride hailing company has been seeking a meeting with the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, since May last year. However, sources with knowledge have revealed that any attempts have been rejected so far, for unknown reasons. Uber’s license to operate in London is reportedly expiring on 30 September. So far, over 680,000 people have signed the online petition to renew the company’s license, as many people are using it.

Mayor Khan responded to the online petition by saying that Uber has 21 days to appeal Transport for London’s decision. Until the end of the process, the company can continue to provide its services to the citizens of London.

A complicated situation

On Sunday, Transport for London explained its point of view through a message posted on Twitter. Also on Sunday, Uber said on Twitter that it’s going to defend TfL’s decision in court in order to protect its drivers and offer the right to use the Uber services to the millions of people in London. A similar thing happened to another ride hailing company, Taxify. It had to suspend its activity because TfL didn’t give it a license to operate.

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