Uber Severely Criticized After Driver Attempts to Kidnap Law School Teacher

Uber, the San Francisco-based car-sharing company, recently faced severe criticism following an incident which allegedly occurred outside of Denver. A law professor requesting a ride to the airport claimed that her Uber driver blocked the door, preventing the passenger from getting out of the vehicle. This is not the only incident involving abusive drivers.

Uber CEO Said Driver Was Banned from the Network Pending the Investigation

The latest incident involving an Uber driver allegedly occurred on Tuesday morning. Nancy Leong, Denver law teacher, thought she was ordering a ride to the airport but instead got the fright of her life.

Leong recalls the Uber driver, who was not named, blocking the car’s doors and informing his passenger that they will be driving to a nearby hotel. The woman asked the driver to stop and tried unlocking the doors but to no avail.

After arriving at the hotel, the woman started banging on the glass, alerting a nearby construction team. The driver then opened the doors and let Leong out. According to the woman’s Twitter post, the man got out of the car and helped her with her luggage, with the construction workers watching. He was so affected by this incident that he forgot to pull the handbrake making the car roll to the nearby intersection.

Leong, who was well aware of Uber’s history, declared that the company does very little when it comes to combating and preventing cases of driver-passenger abuse. Over its nine-year-long history, the company has been criticized for hiring drivers with a criminal record in an attempt to stabilize its profits.

More than that, the Denver law teacher’s post also mentions of a rape case which took place in 2014. She showed that the company frowned at the allegations, considering that the victim was part of a plot to discredit the company.

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