Former Uber Software Engineer Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

On Monday, a former Uber software engineer filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the company. The document forwarded to California’s Superior Court suggests that human resource managers turn a blind eye when it comes to office harassment.

Uber Software Engineer Claims She Was Hospitalized After Incident

Ingrid Avendaño, a software engineer who worked for the company from 2014 to 2017, declared that the company has to hold accountable for the active sex-based discrimination acts.

The woman, who claimed she was forced to resign after her health deteriorated, stated that Uber’s employees do nothing to discourage harassment.

In her lawsuit, Avendaño recalls two separate events that mirrored the company’s attitude. According to the document, the woman heard a co-worker making demeaning remarks about female employees.

Although she forwarded her complaint to Uber’s human resources office, the head did not punish the employee.

On the second occasion, based on what Avendaño declared, the same male employee accused her of having this position due to being sexually involved with a manager. After the second incident, the employee was fired.

Still, Avendaño noted that the office harassment cases continued long after the man left the company. She also claimed being inappropriately touched by a senior software engineer.

After her co-worker was fired, Avendaño could no longer enjoy a healthy work environment on account of her co-workers “pushing her out of the group.”

Avendaño’s suit came soon after the CEO Dara Khosrowshani announced a series of policy changes regarding wager equity.


This isn’t the first time Uber was involved in a sexual harassment scandal. In February 2017, Susan Fowler, who also worked as a software engineer, demasked Uber’s sexism in a fire and brimstone blog post.

Despite enforcing the force arbitration policy which applies to survivors of sexual harassment or assault, Uber still wages legal battles.

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