UK Hotel Won’t Rent Rooms to Pakistan International Airlines Crew

It seems that a famous hotel in the United Kingdom is refusing to rent rooms to the flight crew of the Pakistan International Airlines. The hotel even officially announced the company about this decision, and said that it affects mainly its male members. According to a Pakistan newspaper, many female guests of the hotel have reportedly said that they don’t feel safe around the male members of the crew.

Rumor has it that some of them have been bothering the female guests, even asking for their phone numbers. It seems like this is just the latest unfortunate even in a long series that has affected the Pakistan International Airlines.

A long series of misfortunes

Back in May, one of the company’s pilots made headlines for putting the lives of his passengers in danger. At one point during a flight from Tokyo to Beijing, the pilot invited a Chinese woman in the cockpit, to accompany him. A news reporter that happened to be on the flight saw the scene and began filming. The man even asked the Chinese woman about the reason the pilot invited her in the cockpit. Also, if he was a relative or a close friend.

He also explained that she was in the cockpit for over two hours, along with the pilot and co-pilot. At one point, she was even alone with only the pilot. The problem was that it’s not legal for any person to be in the cockpit with the pilot during a flight. However, the Pakistan International Airlines later said that a single person in the cockpit wasn’t enough to put the lives of the passengers in danger.

Another report, which also dates from back in May, said that a pilot was sleeping in a passenger seat. At the same time, a pilot-in-training flew the plane for over two hours. Amir Akhtar Hashmi, the pilot, denied everything but he was still suspended in September.

Problems for the Pakistan International Airlines

Also in May, the United Kingdom authorities detained one of their cabin crews at Heathrow Airport. The authorities had reportedly found drugs on board. In February, some pilots took ten extra passengers on a flight. They even made them stand for the three-hour flight to Medina, Saudi Arabia. Now, it seems like things are not looking great for the company, once again.

Image source: wikimedia

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