Unilever Stops Collaborating with Fake Influencers that Use Bots on Social Media

Unilever is making an important step for social media, supporting proper ad etiquette. Some brands don’t always advertise directly on these platforms but do it with the help of important people with many followers. From now on, the British-Dutch company will abandon the collaborations with fake influencers who buy followers.

Advertising with the help of influencers

This type of advertising has become really common on social media. Companies can buy ad spaces on these platforms but they might not always reach all their target customers. Therefore, most of them resort to using influencers. These people have a huge number of followers, so they can really convince people to try certain products.

Of course, it can be tough for businesses to find the right influencer. Usually, they need to do a lot of research into the fanbase of these people, so they can choose the right person for the advertising campaign. However, once the businesses find the right market, they can reach a huge number of customers through these people.

Unilever cut the ties with fake influencers

Unfortunately, some of them are fake influencers. This means they don’t actually have a high number of real followers, and they resort to tricks instead. Their number of followers can bring them money, so they can end up buying them or using bots or fake accounts. Some of these bots can look strikingly real, as they can interact with posts.

This is why Unilever took measures. Using this advertising method is great, but only if you find the right person. Fake influencers can do more bad than good to businesses, as people eventually catch up to what they do and lose trust. Of course, they also tend to disregard the companies these fake influencers promote. Therefore, the British-Dutch company took the right decision both from an ethical and an economic point of view.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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