United Airlines Gets Pummeled after Flight Attendants Won $80K Lawsuit Against Company

It would appear that the odds are not in United Airlines’ favor. After facing severe backlashing over the death of French bulldog puppy, the company has lately lost a lawsuit, filed by two veteran flight attendants who have been wrongly fired.

United Airlines in Hot Water Since Man Was Forcibly Removed from Flight

In the recent series of mishaps, two veteran flight attendants, totaling over 70 years on the job, managed to win a lawsuit against the flight company. Jeanne Stroup and Ruben Lee had their contract terminated by United Airlines back in September 2013.

Claiming that the company wanted to use them as scapegoats, the duo sought the help of attorney David Lane who suggested that they should sue the company. According to Lane, in 2013, while serving passengers booked on the Denver to San Francisco flight, Lee and Stroup took a short break and watched a 15-minute-long video on an iPad.

However, their supervisor took note of their actions and wrote in his recommendation towards the United Airlines board that both flight attendants should be reprimanded for work negligence. Lane noted that the supervisor reported his clients for watching the video on the iPad and for not wearing aprons while serving the passengers, which is highly reprimendable.

During the trial, Lane grilled the company’s representatives and the flight attendants’ supervisor. According to the duo’s attorney, the whole trial was shaky from the very beginning as the company does not have clear guidelines on how transgressions are punished.

Furthermore, Lane determined the supervisor to claim that, in the eyes of United Airlines, watching a clip on the plane is more reprimandable that lighting a bonfire in the plane’s bathroom.

Lee and Stroup managed to win the age-based discrimination lawsuit against the company, who was ordered to pay $800,000 in damages.  However, a company spokesperson declared that the jury and judge were swayed by Lane’s discourse and that United Airlines will file for an appeal.

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