United Airlines Has Passenger Removed After Groping Woman

United Airlines has yet again managed to grab the limelight after an incident that took place on Sunday night on the Flight 2446 from Miami to Chicago. Several eyewitnesses claim that airport officials summoned the Miami-Date law enforcement agent after a man inappropriately touched a female passenger and refused to disembark.

United Airlines Spokesperson Said Passenger was Tasered Several Times by Police

At the beginning of this week, a United Airlines spokesperson declared that the flight attendants serving on the 2446 Flight from Miami to Chicago were involved in an incident on Sunday night.

According to the spokesperson, several minutes after the passengers took their seats, a female traveler flagged down a flight attendant about an individual, later identified by the police officials as Jacob Garcia, touched her in an inappropriate manner.

The flight attendants confronted Garcia and asked him to disembark. When the individual refused, the crew called the Miami-Dade authorities to have the passenger forcibly removed.

Based on the police report, when the arresting officers arrived, Mr. Garcia wrapped his hands around the front seat to prevent the arresting officers from removing him. Several eyewitnesses declared that the individual was tasered a couple of times before the authorities managed to carry him off the plane.

Although this incident casts a positive light on United Airlines, the flight company’s long history of unfortunate happenings might overshadow it.

Financial analysts declared that shareholder and passengers began losing their trust in the flight company after the French bulldog incident. Regrettably, this is just one of many examples that illustrate the company’s need for change.


Over the years, United Airlines has amassed an ‘impressive’ number of complaints from passengers abused during flights, with customers heavily criticizing the company’s overbooking policy.

Perhaps one of the most infamous cases is that of David Dao, a Kentucky physician who was literally dragged off by airport security after refusing to disembark.

Image source: Pixabay

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