United Airline Places Animal Transport on Hold Pending Policy Review

A United Airlines spokesperson recently announced that the company has temporarily placed on hold all animal transports. The decision came soon after a passenger claimed that a flight attendant forced her to place her dog carrier in the overhead bin, resulting in the death of the animal.

United Airlines Policies Tied to 147 Animal Deaths and Injuries

Last week, a few days after a woman and her daughter made United Airlines responsible for the death of their pet French Bulldog, the company has announced that, for the time being, it will not accept flight reservations for pets.

However, according to the United Airlines spokesperson, all reservations made before the announcement will be honored, as records indicate passengers are buying tickets for their pets until the 1st of April.

Moreover, the flight company declared that it had issued special bags for pet owners, which will become mandatory starting in April. These special bags will have colored markings as not to get confused with other types of luggage.

According to the United Airlines announcement, the flight company will accept new pet reservations after the completion of a series of improvements aimed to improve the flying condition for live animals.

Although Kokito’s case was among the most mediatized cases, it’s not the only one. The records reveal that after the French bulldog’s death, a German Shepherd was accidentally shipped to Japan instead of Kansas and another one ending up in Akron Ohio instead of St. Louis.


Per the official estimates, for the past three years, the US-based flight company has reported approximately 147 pet injury and deaths.

This alarming statistic provided by the Department of Transportation prompted the company’s board to review all policies pertaining to pet transportation.

United Airlines has declined to comment on the how the Kokito case was concluded but said it assumes full responsibility for the incident.

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