United Airlines Changes Pet Transportation Policy in the wake of March Event

Recently, a United Airlines spokesperson announced that the company had taken the necessary steps to change the regulations pertaining to pet travel. As a result, several dogs and cat breed will be banned from United Airlines flights regardless of carrier or size. Delta also joined ranks after prohibiting passengers from transporting pug-like dogs.

United Airlines Expressly Forbids Pet Travels Other than Cats and Dogs

During a press conference, a United Airlines representative stepped forward in order to address the company’s latest pet travel policy change.

The company, which was severely criticized in March after a flight attendant accidentally asphyxiated a French Bulldog, has decided to put up a ‘list’ with the dos and don’ts of pet travel.

As a result, beginning on the 18th of June, passengers will no longer be able to check themselves with pets other than cats and dogs. Furthermore, in the wake of the March incident, the company also detailed which cat and dog breeds are allowed on a United Airlines flight.

Rule of the thumb dictates that pet carriers which don’t fit in the cargo hold can be placed near the passenger’s chair if the container is small enough not to block the aisle.

However, this is not the only policy change operated by the Chicago-based flight company. Dog breeds such as bulldogs will no longer be allowed on the plane. Same goes for larger breeds such as Mastiffs. The policy does not apply to service pets.

The United Airlines spokesperson declared that after the French bulldog incident, the company had taken ample steps to prevent a similar incident. One of the steps was teaming up with American Humane, an animal welfare group with a history that spans 141 years.

As far as felines are concerned, Himalayan and Persian cats will no longer be able to ride in the cargo hold.

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