United Airlines Slapped with Racial Discrimination Lawsuit after Crew Member Told Mother She Stank

United Airlines investors and stakeholders fear for the future of the flight company after a Nigerian woman filed a discrimination lawsuit. Trust in the company has significantly decreased ever since the French bulldog incident.

United Airlines Spokesperson Declined to Comment the Incident

As United Airlines plunges even deeper into scandals, people are beginning to wonder if booking a flight is really the right call.

Recently, the Chicago-based company, with 342 chartered destinations and a $349f fourth-quarter profit, has been sued by a Nigerian woman.

According to the lawsuit, the passenger was forcibly removed from her booked flight to Ontario after a fellow passenger told the captain that she was pungent.

In a press interview, Queen Obioma, a Nigerian mother, declared that she and her children were humiliated and made to suffer because of the color of their skin.

The incident, which according to Obioma’s attorney occurred on the 4th of March 2016, mirrors the company’s superseded attitude towards people of color, and the dire need for change.

It is alleged that on that day while embarking on her Houston to San Francisco flight, she had a verbal confrontation with a white passenger, who occupied her booked seat.

After a while, a United Airlines crew member asked Mrs. Obioma to step outside to clarify the details of what can only be described as an embarrassing situation.

The woman, who was traveling with her children, was informed that the captain ordered her removal due to her pungent body odor.

While the woman sat outside, another member of the crew removed her children from the flight.


According to Obioma’s attorney, this display of race-based discrimination will not be tolerated, and United Airlines will have to answer for it.

The company’s never-ending series of mishaps could announce its downfall, various analysts have predicted.

Image source: Pixabay

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