UPS to Clean Up Mess Made by Ex-Employee’s Mail Fraud

A UPS spokesperson declared that Chicago’s Police Department had launched an official inquiry after former employee changed the company’s corporate address to his own apartment. The suspect was arrested and charged with mail fraud and theft.

UPS Former Employee Redirected Priority Packages to His Home

Mid-January, Chicago law enforcement agents took 24-year-old Dushaun Henderson-Spruce into custody and charged.

Henderson-Spruce’s arrest concluded a month-long investigation which was launched soon after a UPS security coordinator discovered that the company’s corporate address had been changed.

Based on the police report, Henderson-Spruce, who’s UPS employment was terminated at the beginning of 2012, decided to defraud the company by using the address change forms to his advantage.

Police records reveal that on the 26th of October, Henderson-Spruce, who previously received the document via mail, changed his address from 55 Glenlake Parkway North-East, Atlanta to 6750 North Ashland Avenue, Chicago.

As the forms don’t require an ID verification procedure, the suspect scratched out his “HS” initials and wrote “UPS” on top of them.

After a while, Henderson-Spruce began receiving UPS packages and even personal correspondence belonging to UPS executives.

The authorities, who are currently working side-by-side with UPS and Fifth Bank Investigators, have determined that Henderson-Spruce received no less than 3,000 packages and embezzled $58,000 from 10 cheques.

Upon interviewing various UPS employees, including delivery persons, the authorities established that Henderson-Spruce’s scheme worked so well, that this small Chicago apartment was filled to the brim with UPS packages.

The suspect’s activity has been brought to the attention of Chicago’s PD by a UPS employee.


Before he was discovered, the suspect would ask the delivery man to leave incoming packages in his apartment’s mail tub, as the box ran out of space.

When confronted by the police officials, Henderson-Spruce claimed he was not involved in any scheming fraud and that he may have been the victim of an identity thief.

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