US Planes to Allow Voice Calls over Wi-Fi Connection

Aircraft taking off
Accoring to DOT, you will be able to initiate voice calls via Wi-Fi connection during flight.

The United States Department of Transportation has just announced that passengers traveling on certain airlines might be allowed to initiate voice calls over a Wi-Fi connection. The institution declared that if the law passes, airline owners will have to inform the passengers of this decision before buying tickets to a certain destination.

If by any chance, you’ve traveled by plane, then you must know about the golden rule: either switche off your phone or place it in Airplane Mode, which means that you are not allowed to call someone from your phone for the duration of your flight.

However, a couple of Unites States carriers such as Verizon allow their customers to initiate voice calls or to send out text messages using a secured Wi-Fi connection. The main reason why many airlines banned phone calls during the flight was that it would create tension among passengers for the duration of the flight.

What does this mean? Imagine that you have a long flight ahead of you, and you want to sleep a little. But the person next to you is constantly chatting on the phone. Naturally, your reaction will be asking him or her to stop talking that loud or to stop talking at all.

Now, take this scenario and multiply it by the number of seats available on an airplane and you will discover the reason why many airline companies chose to ban phone calls during flights, altogether.

In addition, it would also seem that the carrier signal used to initiate voice calls might interfere with some of the plane’s system, and could cause potential malfunctions.

If the new law is passed into motion, then you will be able to use the plane’s Wi-Fi connection in order to initiate voice calls.

Anthony Foxx, US’s Transportation Secretary, declared that if the law passes, the airline companies will need to inform passengers before they buy their tickets. The secretary added that passengers need to be informed that phone calls are now permitted in order to avoid conflicts.

According to the US’s Department of Transportation, this new law will have certain limitation. For instance, the new rule will not apply to small aircrafts, nor to foreign aircrafts which serve on the same line. The Department said that the new rule would apply for aircrafts which have at least 60 seats.

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