Valpak Puzzled Why Clients Are Skeptical About Enclosed $100 Checks

It’s quite common for people to throw away fliers and anything promotional in nature, even those touting big and guaranteed winnings. In an era where you can get swindled after something as simple as posting a message on a company’s page, it’s no wonder people are skeptical about these sorts of the announcement. This is the reality Valpak, a Northwest Washington company, has to deal with every day.

Valpak Claims only 7 in 36 Checks Are Cashed

Lia Jensen, a regional Valpak representative, declared that the company’s marketing campaign has been going at a slow pace during the past couple of years, mostly due to the customers’ Internet-bred skepticism.

Jensen admits that most of the clients raise their eyebrow once they find the check-filled blue Valpak envelope but this is mostly to all the things they read over the internet about intricate money-grabbing schemes, like the Nigerian prince scam.

However, as the company’s person pointed out, Valpak’s giving away free money campaign is as legitimate as it can be, but it requires the client to do one thing – peruses all the coupons that come with the envelope.

According to Jensen, each month, various company branches receive phone calls from clients who discovered the check. Most of them become even more suspicious after someone from Valpak tell them that the promotion is legit.

Now, as Jensen pointed out, in case someone discovers the winning check in their mail, they should immediately fill them out and mail them back to the company in order to receive their $100 prize.


Not all Valpak envelopes contain a winning check. The company revealed that there’s only one check to approximately 50,000 envelopes.

Sadly, last year, 36 checks were sent to various customers, but only 7 of them claimed their prizes, although, according to Jensen, mostly all winners called the company’s hotline to inquire about the promotion.

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