VMware, Inc (NYSE:VMW) to unveil its 3rd quarter earnings

VMware, Inc (NYSE:VMW) will be opening its accounts on Tuesday to reveal its quarterly earnings and expectations are off the roof with excitement as VMware, Inc (NYSE:VMW), a tech software juggernaut, is selling its most powerful range of products with almost complete coverage of management’s bull’s eye targets. The competition around VMware, Inc (NYSE:VMW) is stronger than ever. It is surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves in the form of Amazon and Google and a plethora of smaller rivals.

VMware, Inc (NYSE:VMW) stock has been almost stagnant since the start of the year. Analysts have predicted that the quarterly results will be almost a reflection of the last quarter’s earnings: 17 percent growth. Analysts shouldn’t be surprised if the stock price is raised by 1 or 2 percent since VMware, Inc (NYSE:VMW) stock has been doing that in the last four quarters. The executives of the company predicted that the 3rd quarter would bring in about 18 percent growth because of a licensing deal with a government client; VMware, Inc (NYSE:VMW) has been negotiating on that contract for about a year.

Investors should be happy, if they are to bank upon the predictions of the executives. It is being said form internal sources that profit will hold stable for the third quarter. The long term investors should find some relief in that; despite the fact that as compared to rivals like Google and Amazon, it’s almost nothing. VMware, Inc (NYSE:VMW) has been making progress on developing the infrastructure of its software market.

Despite what the analysts say, or what Wall Street predicts, Investors should only focus on the growth of VMware, Inc (NYSE:VMW)’s in the software region. VMware, Inc (NYSE:VMW)’s growing portfolio and global sales are evidence to the fact that it’s not a company to be taken lightly. It has one of the most powerful inventories in the market, and competing with giant competitors like Amazon and Google is not child’s play.

The estimated earnings per share would turn out about 54 cents per share, down by 5 cents since three months when it was 59 cents. The loss in the second quarter this year broke a straight three quarter year after year profit streak. That shouldn’t really bother VMware, Inc (NYSE:VMW) but it must make sure that the breaking of the profit streak doesn’t become a streak in itself. VMware, Inc (NYSE:VMW) can’t afford to suffer a slump now, as it is rivaled by tough competitors. If VMware, Inc (NYSE:VMW) suffers a huge loss or a series of losses, it won’t find any space to recover again or regain its place.

Despite everything, investors shouldn’t turn their back on VMware, Inc (NYSE:VMW). It’s a tech domain and you never know how valuable tech stocks can become. As for VMware, Inc (NYSE:VMW), it’s true it suffered losses but that doesn’t mean that the losses will be repeated almost every quarter. In fact, there’s a healthy chance this quarter might end up begetting profit.


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