VW Surpassed Toyota In The Title For Biggest Carmaker

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VW was proven to be the world’s biggest carmaker as rival Toyota revealed a smaller annual tally.

Earlier this week, VW or Volkswagen was proven to be the world’s biggest carmaker as rival Toyota revealed a smaller number of sold vehicles.

On Monday, January 30, Toyota announced the total number of sold cars for 2016. The company reported numbers coming up to 10.175 million vehicles. These are all cars sold throughout 2016. The carmaker registered a 0.2 percent market growth.

However, it seems as this was not enough. Rival manufacturer, VW, reported a total number of sold vehicles coming up to 10.31 million cars. Volkswagen has also been facing the effects of its emissions scandal.

Toyota Motor Corporation is based in Toyota, Aichi, Japan. It is an automotive manufacturer company founded in 1937. The Japanese producer is amongst the world’s largest companies, by revenue.

Back in 2012, it was also the largest automobile manufacturer. The company produced more vehicles than its two main competitors. These are General Motors and the Volkswagen Group.

But this seems to have changed. Toyota was surpassed in its 2016 vehicle production numbers by VW.

The Volkswagen Group of VW AG is also an automotive manufacturing company. A multinational, it is based in Wolfsburg, Germany. It is also one of the world’s largest companies. Over the past two decades, it has maintained the largest European market share.

VW AG sells cars and motorcycles under a variety of brands. It has 12 car brands. The company divided its business into two primary segments. Volkswagen also operates through some 340 subsidiary companies.

Still, since 2015, the company has been facing its deepest-ever crisis. In September 2015, the automaker was accused of using emission-cheating software. This method was reportedly used in approximately 11 million diesel engines. These were spread out worldwide.

Despite the scandal, reports show that the company moved back in the top spot. In 2016, it reportedly sold 10.31 million cars. This is over the total number of vehicles sold by Toyota. And this is despite the fact that the latter presented a market growth.

VW also reported a rise in numbers. Last year, its annual sales increased by 3.8 percent.

The two automakers are in a three competitors race. General Motors is also one of the biggest car manufacturers. The Detroit, Michigan-based producer has yet to announce its annual tally.

Still, market analysts are predicting that it will come in third. For over 7 decades, General Motors was the world’s largest automaker. This changed back in 2008 as it was surpassed by Toyota. Since then, Volkswagen, General Motors, and Toyota have been competing for the top spot.

In 2015, General Motors came in third, after Toyota and VW. Market analysts are expecting a similar result for 2016.

Toyota’s reports, released on Monday, showed the following facts. The carmaker’s vehicle sales rose in Japan. But this is a relatively small market when compared to the United States and China ones. Toyota sales increased in China, but they also fell in the U.S.

At the same time, VW also reported a strong Chinese market reach. According to analysts, this could keep it on top for other years to come. Its widespread portfolio is another important factor in VW dominance of the market.

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