Ways to Use My Amateur Radio

Ways to Use My Amateur Radio

Many people think that becoming a ham radio operator means simply making contacts with other hams. That is so wrong. Amateur radio delivers probably the most exciting communicating experience in addition to set of other entertaining and helpful activities. Millions of operators daily use their DX radio stations to keep in touch with some latest ham radio news, take part in ham radio contesting, help other people in case of emergencies and developer their skills collecting SQL postcards. Any type of DX activities will appear to be the most remarkable experience you have ever had. All you need to do is to pass an easy FCC test and purchase some basic components.

The first and probably the most important function of any DX radio is to help people when they are put in a tight corner due to emergencies. Floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and other disasters often take place in different areas around the world. Ham operators use basic equipment that is actually the same as it used to be from the origins. However, this equipment performs the highest level of reliability when other networks are unable to provide connection in emergency situations. In other words, a ham can appear to be the last straw when it comes to rescuing others. Some communities cooperate with public services on regular basis.

For example, hurricane Sandy has turned into a horror for all citizens of the Eastern part of the Unites States. It demolished all primary infrastructure objects including towers that provide telephone and other types of connection. The coverage simply vanished because there was not enough power. People were left stranded without the slightest chance to connect with rescue teams and other public services.

DX radio stations can easily operate under such tough conditions. Operators are able to send a receive signals in spite of weather conditions. Numerous real-life examples show how an amateur radio can be useful for people who are in danger due to disasters. The role of DX radio should never be underestimated. It does not always come with fests, flea markets and contesting. Operators not always include entertainers and ham radio contesters. Some of them are devoted to what they do. These are real ham professionals. Anyone can become one of them. All you need is to pass special tests that are not included in the General License.

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