Here’s What Customers Think About Google Pixel

There’s no doubt that Google Pixel has been a great success as most fans and critics gave positive feedbacks after purchasing the device. Pixel came with many exciting features, including a high-tech camera, excellent processor, Android 7.0 Nougat, and smooth performance.

Nevertheless, Google knows that its first flagship phone is far from being perfect and there are many things to improve. Therefore, the tech giant has asked users to give their feedback which will be taken into consideration in the development of the next Pixel.

Krishna Kumar, Product Lead for Google Pixel, posted the feedback request in a Google’s community forum. Many people completed the online questionnaire, so the company had plenty of choices. Here are some of the best ideas which might be used to enhance the next Google Pixel.

The current variant is IP53 certified. This means that water falling in the form of a spray at an angle of maximum 60 degrees won’t harm the device. In other words, if you accidentally spill water over the phone, nothing bad will happen.

Another setback is that Google Pixel was launched when Apple already had an IP67 certification, whereas Samsung had an IP68 certification for their top products. As such, Google is expected to improve this feature.

Many customers believe that the next Pixel should have smaller bezels. Although the side bezels are quite thin, the bottom one is too thick. To get rid of this wasted space, the company can upgrade the phone by adding dual front-facing speakers similar to the ones in the Nexus 6P.

It is worth mentioning that Pixel already has a hardware issue which the company is trying to fix. Besides this, the users raised other issues, such as the price tag. After a few months since the release, Google’s flagship phone is still quite pricey.

Hopefully, the company will use some of the users’ suggestions and introduce them in the upcoming Pixel model. Needless to say that the giant tech company will improve the camera and the processor of the next flagship phone.

In addition to this, the new Google Pixel will most likely come with a more generous battery, while the display will most likely retain its current size. If the company ditches the bottom bezel without adding new speakers, then the display might be larger.

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