Who Will Be the New CEO of Uber?

After the former CEO of Uber Travis Kalanick stepped down from his position last week, the search is on for someone to replace him. Kalanick took this decision after facing some serious reputation damages. Among them were sexual harassment allegations and other misconduct revelations. However, the company is still battling sexism accusation at the workplace, a lawsuit from Google for allegedly stealing technology and a federal probe over some privacy issues. This is why Uber is now looking for someone to lead the way out of trouble and escape this controversy which has been going on for months.

A replacement for Kalanick

According to experts, this would be the first normal step towards getting the company out of the hole it has fell in. The new CEO should be capable of finding solutions where Kalanick didn’t. Last week, Uber’s board met with three new directors and discussed the problem of finding a new CEO. They have reportedly set a six-week timeline to accomplish this task. Even if Uber hasn’t had a public offering, investors value the company at about $50 billion. This makes the post of CEO a very attractive one. However, it will not be an easy task. Even if Kalanick wasn’t the perfect CEO and had a very controversial way of leading, he is still the one who managed to grow a startup into a transportation giant.

There are some names which the Uber directors might consider worthy of the CEO position. One of them is Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg. In Silicon Valley, many see her as a very firm hand who could have avoided many of Kalanick’s mistakes. She also has experience in the government, which might come in handy as CEO of such a big company. According to inside sources, she is the board’s first choice for the position of Uber CEO.

Potential candidates

Back in March, Susan Wojcicki, the YouTube CEO, was considered the top candidate to be Kalanick’s number two. She has been in charge of YouTube since 2014. Some think that she could be the much-needed change in Ube’s culture. Thomas Staggs is another potential candidate. He was Disney’s chief operating officer from 2015 until 2016. He is also someone with experience who could bring a lot of good things from his time at Disney.

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