First Wireless Charging Laptop comes from Dell

Many people have said, after the release of Apple’s MacBook Pro with the new Touch Bar, that the new addition has not really been something revolutionary. Some even called it just an excuse for a higher price and for that feeling of exclusivity. However, there is something else that might indeed be revolutionary when it comes to laptop technological development. And that is a laptop with wireless charging which is also built-in. It seems like Dell is the company which will bring this innovation to the market, with their new Latitude 7285. This will be the first of its kind and the only one with the wireless charging technology.

The world’s first wireless charging laptop

The company first announced the laptop at CES, back in January. However, Dell will only now start shipping it worldwide. The wireless charging feature means that users will no longer have to worry about being near a source of electricity or tripping and falling because of a wire. This will make the basic-looking laptop which comes with Windows 10 even more portable and efficient. The price for this new release starts at about $1,200 and it’s worth the money because it also has some good hardware. It’s nothing special or over the top, but it doesn’t fall behind the other laptops that are now on the market.

As for its touchscreen part, it will be of 12.3-inch, with a resolution of 2,880 x 1,920. Also interesting is the fact that the machine will come with Windows Hello already installed and functional. This feature allows the front camera to detect your face and you will be able to log in just by looking at it. Other than this, the laptop will have a headphone jack, 2 USC-C ports (not like what Apple did with the MacBook) and card slots.

A revolutionary feature

How will this wireless charging technology work on the laptop? Exactly like it works for the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. The machine will come with a charging mat. The user will need to place the laptop on it and it will charge without any cables. The bad news is that this $1,200 price will not include the charging mat. So, people will need to buy them separately which will surely add to the price. The mat will reportedly deliver 30 watts of power. This should be more than enough to fully charge the machine.

Image source: travelerstoday

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