Woman Sues JetBlue for Burning her with Hot Tea

It seems like with the recent problems airline companies had, passengers are now feeling like they have the right to protest if they don’t feel like they’re treated right. This is also the case of a woman from Manhattan, Michelle Lavin, of 25-years old. She is suing JetBlue for spilling hot tea on her backside. Also, for supposedly inadequately treating her when she begged for help because the injury was pretty serious. The airline staff reportedly behaved with her like they would with a child, according to her lawsuit.

Burned with hot tea

Lavin was on a 40-minute flight bound for Las Vegas when the unfortunate incident happened. The lawsuit claims that she ended up with second and third-degree burns on her backside. However, the young woman claims that the way the personal treated her afterwards made her sue the company. She remembered that she started crying because the pain became unbearable. The woman reportedly asked the crew to get her something to soothe the burned area, like a cream. That was the moment when they looked at he like she was a spoiled child or like she was making fun of them. The crew then informed her that there was nothing for burns on the plane.

This entire incident took place back in 2014, while Lavin was going to Las Vegas to visit her sister and some other friends for Labor Day. Her backside got burned because a flight assistant hadn’t reportedly fit the lid on a burning hot tea. Lavin also claims that the tea was so extremely hot that no person could have possibly consumed it. A flight attendant brought her the tea and she admitted thinking that it was a bit too hot. However, all hell broke loose when a male passenger told a lady to make her dog stop barking.

An unfortunate incident

The woman’s reaction frightened everyone as she just started screaming. That was the moment when Lavin turned in her chair to see the scene and she spilled the hot tea on her pants. The female attendants were only convinced of the gravity of the issue when she showed them the burned area. She ended up in the ER after the flight. She is reportedly only now suing JetBlue because she didn’t have this in mind at first. But the way they behaved made her change her mind.

Image source: wikimedia

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