Woman Dragged Off Southwest Airlines Flight

Recently, a video filmed by someone on a Southwest Airlines flight in Baltimore, US, went viral after a woman was seeing being dragged off the flight by the crew. However, not everything is always as it seems, as the woman now came forward to tell her side of the story. According to the initial statement of the airline, last Tuesday, during the flight that was bound for Los Angeles, that woman complained very much about the presence of some dogs that were on the plane. She said she suffered from a severe allergy that could have potentially threatened her life.

The problem was that the woman didn’t have a medical certificate that could have proved this. So, without it, the crew had to take her off the flight. Next thing that happened, the woman was struggling to escape the crew. They supposedly asked her nicely to get off the flight. After those moments, law enforcement intervened and finally removed the passenger.

A scene that has become too familiar

The video that other passenger took starts right when the law enforcement officials are trying to remove the woman. She begins screaming loudly and they have to practically drag her out. After that incident, she was also arrested and charged with resisting arrest, disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct, among other things.

However, the interesting part is Anila Daulatzai’s (46) version of the events. She is reportedly a teacher at the Maryland Institute College of Art and according to her lawyers, she never said anything about the dogs on the flight or about any allergies she had. However, there were only two reasons for this incident: she is of Islamic faith and a woman of color. Her lawyers are also saying that because she is a Muslim, those people abused her. They also humiliated her, and reported false things about her.

Two sides of the story

They continue by saying that what happened is especially shameful because she is currently pregnant with her first child. Daulatzai reportedly talked about her allergies after boarding the plane. However, they were nothing major, and she never complained about the dogs. However, soon after, she was being dragged off the flight for no apparent reason. She also reportedly received hate messages and threats. Some were so violent that and left her home for a few days because she feared for her life. Now, the case remains open.

Image source: wikimedia

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