World Trade Center Commuter Station Closed Because of a Package

On Sunday, the transit police in New York City temporarily a commuter train station located under the World Trade Center. The police took this decision after some reports stated that there was a suspicious package in that area. According to New York media, the police was already on high alert for the 4th of July holiday. This is part of the reason why it decided to immediately evacuate the center’s Port Authority Trans-Hudson train station right before 3 p.m.

Alert at a World Trade Center station

Fortunately, employees reportedly came back to the station just two hours later. According to media reports, a security guard told the people in the area that someone found a suspicious package inside the station. Also, that the police dogs were inspecting the area, trying to find the supposed dangerous package. CBS News also said that the entire evacuation happened because of a package left unattended at the Port Authority Trans-Hudson train station. Their report cited unnamed sources who revealed that Port Authority K-9 officers indeed discovered something dubious. Their “positive hit” as supposedly inside a rail car at the World Trade Center station.

Reports also stated that the police allowed employees to return to the station right before 4:30 p.m. Meanwhile, on social media, many people tweeted pictures from the location where the package supposedly was. Some of them were explaining that the police had evacuated them because there was supposedly something dangerous inside. Others had no idea why the police were evacuating them from the station and were not happy because of this. Some even claimed that the authorities should have told people about the situation, not simply evacuate and scare them.

A suspicious package

The Port Authority Trans-Hudson system also announced people via Twitter that the police had suspended the rail service in and out of the station. It’s worth noting that this train connects New York City to several New Jersey cities. Moreover, the police also evacuated a shopping mall full of restaurants, near the station.

Image source: wikimedia


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